Drawing at the Coffee Shop

Sarah T by Kathryn Sturges

Sarah T by Kathryn Sturges

So I have had a long standing dream to try drawing or painting out in the world. I always create in my home, and when my twin sister decided to come for a visit last week, she suggested we hang out at the coffee shop and craft. I was nervous about it, and I know it might seem like a silly dream. I mean most people who want to make art in public just do it without worrying about it so much. But I don’t often get the chance to actually hang out at coffee shops because my husband doesn’t enjoy sitting in cafes much anymore. I was nervous because I was unsure about drawing in front of strangers…would people come up to see what I was doing? Would I totally fuck up and make a fool of myself?

So we went to Java Joes, ordered our drinks and got a table. I was really tired and grainy from a poor night’s sleep the night before. She had ordered food, so I got out my pad of paper and pens and decided to draw a portrait of her. I had taken a photo of her the day before, so I used it as a reference. She has a mohawk now and looks so cool…it just had to be captured in a drawing.

So I first drew the outline of a face, and was immediately not happy with what I did. I immediately had to start over, which was not a great start. But then my inner artist swept over me, and I just drew and drew. I didn’t make very good company because all I could focus on was my drawing. It is very hard for me to art and be social at the same time. So I became antisocial and super focused on my art! I didn’t realize that would happen at the outset, and if I had known I probably wouldn’t have made art that day at all. I rarely get to see my twin, so I’m a bit bummed that the event wasn’t as sociable as I was hoping.

But the drawing turned out so great! A few people walked by and peeked at my work, but nobody said a word. Which made me more comfortable to just get into that creative moment. So I experienced my dream of drawing at a coffee shop, and it was absolutely nothing like I thought it would be. I was fairly comfortable, but my artwork drew me in and away from that moment.

Have you ever wanted to try art making in public? I would recommend it as a fun way to challenge yourself!