My One Two Punch for Stress Relief

Journal Page: Sept. 18, 2019

Journal Page: Sept. 18, 2019

What do you do when you get super edgy and stressed? Either you can let that tension build and then create havoc in the world around you, or you can find healthier ways to get through it.

I’ve been on a mission to get back into some of my stress reduction techniques. My husband started working from home nearly two months ago and all my daily routines just kind of stopped. So I became sedentary, reading a lot and stressing out…which is not a fun place to be. The other day it dawned on me, I just needed to get back into my life again! So I got out my go to book of meditations. It is my favorite, and the first book I bought when I wanted to learn stress reduction techniques. “The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion” by Christopher K. Germer is the book I always turn to when I need to get back on track. My copy is dog eared and full of bookmarks from years of flipping through the pages.

It has been about nine years since I started meditating, at first I was doing it like four times a day! For the longest time though it became a real challenge to do it every single day. It’s so funny because meditation only takes 10-20 minutes so it shouldn’t be so hard to fit it in. For me I kind of lost sight of the meditations that really worked the best for me. I bought every book there was on meditation, and I always wind up coming back to the one that got me into it in the first place. A lot of meditation styles simply focus on mindfulness technique, and when I would try to meditate to relieve stress it felt like I was totally just trying to escape the feeling. What makes these meditations so different is that they invite in your experience, right here in this moment. Whether by tuning into physical sensations, sounds or feelings…the book guides you to accept the moment you are in, however you are feeling.

I have a downloaded copy of Trudie Styler’s Weight Loss Yoga. There is a chair yoga sequence that is so dang relaxing! So my one two punch is quickly becoming meditation, followed by chair yoga. I’ve done this particular chair yoga sequence probably 50 plus times by now, and it always relaxes me completely. It’s an extra bonus that Trudie Styler is married to Sting, which is just an odd coincidence. When I bought the dvd I didn’t realize the connection. I’m exploring plus size yoga as well which is basically regular yoga with modifications. There are suddenly a handful of really incredible teachers out there leading the way for yoga to become more accessible to everyone of all shapes and sizes.

Life changes, and even when transitions are incredible it is important to take time out to recharge and regroup each day. If you haven’t already, it is worthwhile to come up with a game plan that you can do to unwind on a stressful day. Mindfulness techniques and yoga are quickly becoming my two favorite ways to come back to center!

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