A Bit About Me


Artist, Dreamer, Minimalist


Back in 1999, at the dawning of the millenium…

I bought my first sewing machine and tried to make artsy things. I didn’t have any training but was all heart! I opened a little sewing shop, which was a fun comedy of errors. But that adventure set the stage for the course my life would take.

When I was thirty years old, I picked up a paintbrush and some kid’s paints. Splashing color on a page was so freeing and I was instantly hooked! I’ve tried out so many different media and dabbled in a lot of styles. I’ve collected all the best art books and soaked up so much information. Creativity slowly became a way of life for me; a way to express my inner reality on a blank canvas.

I’m forty now and still enjoy art making. I’ve been sewing a lot of quilts these days too! Check out my portfolio to see a small sample of my art, and feel free to save any images to use as you please. Print them out, put them on your dart board, frame one and give it to a friend…I love to share art and inspiration freely!

In the end, I hope they will say that I was devoted to my arts! And that I took every chance I could get to do the things I’m passionate about. Life is too short to think instead of doing…so I will continue to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty!

Much love,

Kathryn Sturges